Our Story - leading   beyond   boundaries


Brandywine has coached, facilitated, developed, supported and trained individuals and organizations in the United States, Canada and Europe. We've been there for our clients both organizational and individual for three decades as trusted coaches, advisors, and strategic partners working closely across multiple industries.

We've been at the forefront - involved in numerous engagements dealing with human capital and business needs resulting from: leadership development, expansions and consolidations, mergers & acquisitions, integration, start up and rapid growth, restructuring, new market penetration, financial and regulatory change.

Our practice has deep, diverse and specific expertise in building high resonance, high performance organizations one leader, one team at a time.

We offer a strong track record of of developing integrative resonance, capacity, talent pipelines and leadership in teams and with groups and individuals undergoing significant change around at all levels.

We help develop and support capable leaders in challenging times.

In increasingly complex and even chaotic times, we focus on key leadership roles across diverse industries and companies, global and small,  facilitating strategy, growth and performance.

We are committed to inspiring, equipping and empowering you and your teams.