Making Hay- what high performing companies know

The business landscape is improving but still pretty rough. But there are things we can do. It's no secret to most of us in executive coaching, consulting and organizational development that people perform better (engagement and execution) and stay longer (retention) when companies demonstrate a similar level of commitment. High performing teams and companies take work and commitment to develop, evolve and sustain.

A recent report by the Hay Group offers this insight:

" Engaged employees cannot be expected to take a personal interest in organizational objectives unless organizations make a reciprocal commitment to treating employees as more than factors of production. With organizations increasingly forced to do more with less, tapping in to the discretionary effort offered by engaged employees becomes all the more important for business success."

Core components include: good leadership to provide vision, strategy and business case. Collaboration and honest, open communication to keep the herd aligned and moving in the right direction (execution). And then care and concern to elicit that extra effort resulting in gaining distinct competitive advantage over those who do not. They're still looking for the needle in the haystack.