Spring Training

That's what one of my organizational coaching/consulting clients called his annual efforts to bring global leaders together for a couple of days of focused, intense, hands-on training and development. For him, it's an important ritual. Like spring cleaning I suppose for those of us who are not inclined to play the honorable game of baseball. To be missed or ignored at one's own peril.

In his mind, a clarion call to the troops. A rite of passage from Q1 to Q2. One carved out of necessity to prepare for future success.  To align road warrior schedules and bodies to strategically focus on both fundamental skills that need a tune up, eliminate rust, oil creaking moving parts and pieces and shed unneeded and energy-sapping fat.

We'll be ready for he and his team. To help them play with heart. To win. With integrity intact.  After all, isn't that what the game is all about?