What Shostakovitch knew and why it still matters

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a symphony orchestra concert featuring Shostakovitch's Symphony No.5 in D Minor.  Composed in 1937, strong and substantial, this work is still as moving and relevant today as it was during former Communist Soviet times.

What  I found interesting, important and eerily resonant was not only the timing of this particular performance - this moment (in light of recent geopolitical events) but also the intensity of the listening and learning experience.

 According to the program notes, Shostakovich wrote that: "The theme of my symphony is the development of the individual. I saw man with all his sufferings as the central idea of the work, which is lyrical in mood from start to finish; the finale resolves the tragedy and tension of the earlier movements on a joyous, optimistic note."

An individual's ability to re-frame, reinvent and revitalize continue to be the tools of transformation. Heavy lifting. Relevant today as yesterday. Inspiration fueled by music - even better.

Program Notes - NJ Symphony Orchestra  www.njsymphony.org


Source: www.njsymphony.org