Are you ready for coaching?

Good for you for exploring executive coaching! The willingness to consider even "going there" wherever that might be" demonstrates a valuable self awareness and commitment to growth that will help you to cut through the fog and chaos of whatever your current context is and move beyond. A caveat of coaching is to help clients illuminate, gain clarity, focus and perspective to achieve that which is important to them.

There are as many approaches to coaching - each with its pluses and minuses- as there are coaches. Some specialize in particular disciplines: career development, leadership, executive presence, communications, etc. This is something to consider as well in your coach selection process.

As far as process, in general, a coaching client can typically expect: 

  • a preliminary "contracting" phase to outline expectations from both client and coach as far as logistics, fees and general concerns, availability...
  • a diagnostic phase that might (but not necessarily )include the use of tools such as 360 feedback or behavioral interviews - or not - depending on the client needs
  • development plan - either more formal or less so (again depending)
  • coaching sessions - how and when (face to face, virtual, phone how often ) depending on what is initially agreed to 
  • custom tailored homework and additional resource support (optional)  
  • follow up and accountability 

Don't be afraid to speak with and interview several different coaches (for fit and connection) before making a commitment. It matters!